Saltbox provides advisory services to private equity firms, developers, and strategic sponsors active in the energy and infrastructure sectors with an emphasis on power generation.

Our purpose is to contribute our experience, knowledge, resources and relationships to help our clients achieve their objectives.

Our approach is one of integrated partnership akin to a “just in time” deal team; we are there when you need us - as you need us.

The concept of Saltbox emerged to address what we observed as gaps and stress points in the market -

  1. Many Developers, Sponsors and private equity firms (and their portfolio companies) are often time and resource constrained, particularly when it comes to an asset financing or bidding process
  2. Many sponsors and private equity funds access the debt markets intermittently
  3. The development pipeline of power projects had shifted markedly with renewable power (solar, wind, biomass, LFG, battery storage) creating opportunities for small, entrepreneurial-spirited developers

 Saltbox's value proposition is in efficiently and effectively filling these gaps: 

  1. We are as adapt at becoming part of a deal team in conducting due diligence, evaluating opportunities, and developing bids as we are capable of taking a lead role in financing transactions
  2. We provide clients with current market context gained by virtue of being in and monitoring activity in the market on a continuous basis
  3. We support these smaller, first-time developers to help bring solid and viable projects to fruition